Construction CEG
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Construction CEG

> We produce very large modular units (up to 32 feet wide and 60 feet long), weighing up to 75,000 pounds.

> We offer two-storey units.

> The modular units are loaded onto barges or ships at the Port of Matane for transport to your nearest landing site.

> We build modular units tailored to your specifications and your specific needs.

> Our units are built on steel frames, making them easier to transport. We can also build on wooden frames, within the constraints of transport and installation.

> We save you time and money with our fleet of trucks, cranes and other specialized equipment. We even invented a unique trailer system to facilitate moving and setting up the modules.

> Our products are delivered ready for use. Before being shipped, each unit is fully assembled and tested (electrical and plumbing systems, etc.). We can even supply furnished units!

> Unparalleled installation speed: duplexes installed in 6 days and single-family homes installed in just 3 days.

> We offer a turnkey service, including on-site installation and commissioning of the buildings.